Free download Pirate Treasure: Match 3 APK for Android
2024-06-24 4

Description of Pirate Treasure: Match 3 Pirate Treasure takes you to the Golden Age of Piracy and as another swashbuckling buccaneer out for adventures on the high seas trying to gain your fortune. Play through level after level in arcade mode where with each completed level the difficulty increases. As you progress further, you will travel through a series of drummy royallyifferent pirate themed environments and adventures.You can also play in classic mode with potentially unlimited game play as you make as many matches of three as possible. The concept is simple, slide a piece into a position where it makes a set of three or more of the same, and it will destroy the block behind. Once you've successfully cleared all the blocks, a star will come in at the top of the screen, and you must work it down to finish the level. While you attempt to do all this the time also slowly ticks down so work quickly! How well you perform will directly decide the number of stars you get for the level.Come back after you've beaten the game to try to three-star each and every level. All of these features plus the vivid HD graphics make for an awesome game play experience that you should download today!Enjoy!

Version history Pirate Treasure: Match 3 New in Pirate Treasure 1.0.3 Version: 1.0.3- 720 brand new levels added New in Pirate Treasure 1.0.2 Version 1.0.2- Levels added Please rate this app

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