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Madness is an intriguing horror game. You play as a young man who has superteen patti online abilities. He miraculously survived after a serious accident and after some time he realized that he began to see what other people did not see. The main character travels the world and looks for those places and houses where, according to rumors, ghosts live. Few people believe in this. But not him. And then, on one simple ordinary evening, the main character was invited to appear in an old abandoned mansion, which the locals nicknamed Madness. This is where it all began...The game Madness for Android will present you with stunning graphics, a horror atmosphere and an exciting soundtrack. The first launch of the game may take a long time.CPU---Android OS4.4WOpen GL---Free Space 126.17 MBAndroid TVNoGamepad SupportNoInternetYesEnglish languageNoHow do we get this dataWhats newUpdate history-----

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