Free download Fits - Block Puzzle King APK for Android
2024-06-24 8

Description of Fits - Block Puzzle King A brain training block puzzle that makes you smarter.A puzzle game that is simple but somehow makes you trapped. Play and train your spatial ability.The rules are simple.You only correctly fill in the designated spaces with blocks of various shapes. There are three levels of difficulty in all. Amazingly, there are 900 different problems. Includes support functions such as hints. Fits is a block puzzle that was created on the basis of tangrams. Tangrams are one of the most familiar of the silhouette puzzles, where you create shapes that are presented as problems. It is a puzzle that uses squares cut into multiple pieces. Let's train your brain with Fits!

Version history Fits - Block Puzzle King New in Fits 4.1.2 * bug fix New in Fits 4.0.4 * bug fix New in Fits 3.1.0 rummy are* bug fix Please rate this app

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